Scrub Up | Industry & Clinicians
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Industry & Clinicians


ScrubUp is a unique sales channel platform that delivers the right information to the right people, any where any time, across multiple healthcare networks, companies, clinics, clinicians, and teams. 

Our global visibility helps you reach your strategic marketing .

Delivering knowledge to those that need it most.


ScrubUp assists you in meeting your CPD requirements with streamlined information targeting your specialty and skill set.

Get the latest news and updates streamed direct to you and your team.

We all know ‘preparation’ is key to performance, which is why our platform delivers on solutions.

With over 20 years of industry experience, we understand the need for efficiency.

Surgery is becoming more complex, technical and specialized.

ScrubUp is an enabling technology that bridges the gap on education and training.

With our global network of customers we are changing the status quo to enable a more consistent, confident and informed community of healthcare professionals.