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About ScrubUp

A practical & user friendly surgical database, that is flexible & vital to all instrument & circulating nurses & technicians. ScrubUp enables the user to store, add & delete not only images but essential data they require for every surgical procedure they are involved in.


A surgical reference guide at your fingertips.


View and update your surgeons preferences anywhere, anytime.


Real information to support you through any surgical procedure.


Images take the guess work out of your surgeons' preferences.


Surgical Specialties

Featuring General, Orthopaedics, Plastics, Cardiac, GYN, ENT, plus more.


All surgical procedures can be deleted, added to and saved.


The ability to tick off your surgical equipment when you collect it.


Data containing surgical instruments, solutions, dressings, drains & sutures.

Surgical Equipment

Save, customise, add & delete all equipment required for each procedure.

Surgeons Preferences

Build, save, add & delete your surgeons own preferences for every case.


Information about prepping & draping, including your surgeons preferences & notes.


Saved to a procedure, instrument, prosthesis, surgeons preference & notes.


Save, update & send your preferences using email.

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