Scrub Up | An innovation in healthcare technology
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Our Mission

To empower & support  all operating room nurses globally, whilst optimizing patient safety and enhancing operating room productivity and efficiency. 

With healthcare becoming more complex, technical & specialized we understand the demands faced by clinicians.

Our aim is to provide a more informed healthcare industry that enhances patient safety.


Connecting clinicians and the healthcare industry


Information delivered directly to you, any where, any time.


Real information to support best practice.


Training and data streamed directly from industry leaders.


Surgical Specialties

Sharing information and news relevant to your area of expertise


Closing the gap on clinical education & training


Streamline practices using visual prompts and procedural steps

Streamline Practices

Sharing local policies to inform best & safe practices

Surgical Products

Enhance your understanding on industry based products


Reducing wastage & OR time.

Enhanced Communication

Using innovation to deliver optimized outcomes

Saving Lives

Building a more informed and confident team

Team Work

Developing a more efficient network of healthcare professionals

Here’s Something Nice

From Our Blog

  • Documentation Documentation…

    So tell me what are your thoughts on the amount of documentation we are asked to complete whilst we are caring for our patient under anaesthetic. In the hospitals I have worked, we have a scrub nurse, anaesthetic nurse & circulator or scout nurse. The......

  • Not My Specialty

    Is it me or has anyone else noticed how specialised we are becoming in the operating room. Besides all the technology it appears that us nurses are not as well rounded as we used to be. Having completed my training in a large trauma hospital......

  • OR Preparation-How much time do we need?

    As an operating room professional, I often wonder if we ever have enough time to setup for surgical procedures? I guess it depends on the procedure, specialty, equipment required and availability of equipment and how much additional support we get from OR staff such as......