Scrub Up | OR Preparation-How much time do we need?
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OR Preparation-How much time do we need?

23 Apr OR Preparation-How much time do we need?

As an operating room professional, I often wonder if we ever have enough time to setup for surgical procedures?

I guess it depends on the procedure, specialty, equipment required and availability of equipment and how much additional support we get from OR staff such as orderlies. I believe this is especially true with ‘turn overs’.

Do you ever wonder why an Orthopedic surgeons list has a left limb, then a right limb then a left, then a right, is it to keep us running and on our toes? Or do they really not think to much about the impact this has on setting up and preparing the equipment? Or are they just looking for an excuse to have a coffee whilst the OR is being setup? Lol

Our role in addition to patient safety, is to move through the OR list as smoothly and efficiently as we can. This is where communication and team huddles before a list are priceless. It is also important for the surgeon to understand the requirements of the team and if a junior colleague is advancing their skills as an instrument or circulator it is key, for the team to be aware and understand that, additional, time maybe required. This can also be the case for a casual staff member or a colleague unfamiliar with the specialty and or surgeon.

What are your thoughts on preparation and time, do you feel under the pump, to setup as soon as you have handed over and delivered your setup to the sterilization department?

Or are you in a facility that is lucky enough to have a tag team and swap roles? Does this impact and support turn-over time, sometimes having the same scrub can streamline setup times.

I would love your thoughts on this.

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