Scrub Up | Supporting All Operating Room Professionals
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Supporting All Operating Room Professionals

14 Jan Supporting All Operating Room Professionals

In an environment that is surrounded by technology and with an ever increasing demand placed upon operating room professionals, such as OR nurses, technologists, operating department practitioners, all of whom are professionals that support the surgical team, and who setup and prepare all of the surgical equipment.

There is an expectation that any knew technological equipment placed into the OR, will be managed by these already burdened professionals.

Technological advances are built to improve processes and enhance safety and productivity, however it is important to consider, human resources in managing, setting up and checking equipment. Theatres are a closed inaccessible environment, which can make it difficult for outsiders to enter.

During the intra-operative phase, OR health professionals are performing administration duties, completing, checking & confirming paperwork, inputting data, whilst also supporting the surgical team and the patient. Lawful duties are also carried out such as the Surgical Count.

With an ever increasing demand for operating room technology the delegation of technological equipment requires an increase in human resources in order to support an already time poor and over burdened environment.

Research supports that increased stress leads to increased errors. Lets reduce the stress and support the work of our vital operating room healthcare professionals.

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